samedi 3 mai 2014

Collection 2014

Voici un nouvel ensemble que j'ai fait :
Here's a new set I did:

Mais je ne sais pas si je dois le mettre en vente ! Oui, non ! Non, oui !
I don't know if I have to sell them ! I really don't know !
La jupe est réversible.
The skirt is reversible.

J'ai aussi fait un ensemble dans les mêmes tissus pour American Girl de ma fille !
I also made a set in the same fabric for American Girl of my daughter!

8 commentaires:

  1. Hello from Spain: great outfit. I love American Girls. In my country, these dolls are not for sale in stores. I really like the skirt. Keep in touch

    1. In fact, to buy this American Girl doll, we ordered it on the website.

  2. They are both nice but I like the American Girl version the best.

  3. Both outfits are super cute. Blue and white gives that nautical look that is so popular. Love the AG outfit. I didn't know you had a daughter. Learn something new every day.

    1. Hello Vanessa, and yes, I have a daughter who gives me lots of ideas for my Barbie movies. I also sew some clothes for her American Girl doll.


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