samedi 7 mars 2015

Lammily New York

Enfin, c'est arrivé !
Finally, I received it !

Oui, c'est très joli. Mais il y a un mais. Le tee-shirt blanc est très fragile. Lorsqu'on le détache de l'emballage, plusieurs trous apparaissent.
Yes, it's very pretty. But there is a problem. The white shirt is very fragile. When you take it off  the packaging, several holes appear. 

Qu'en pensez-vous ? J'avoue qu'elle est tout de même magnifique.
What do you think ? I admit that it is so wonderful.

8 commentaires:

  1. I love it! The yellow coat is especially fab on her. I ordered the Scotland Adventure set for my doll.

  2. Hi, the outfit is lovely and Lammily looks very fine! too bad for the poor fabric of the sweater, I'm really curious to see the other fashions!
    For Jewell: the Scotland Adventure looked fabulous in the promo pictures!

    1. Promo picture looks always nice, but when you have it in your hands, you can have a surprise !

  3. Cute outfit. The bright yellow jacket looks great on her.

  4. Very nice. Sorry to hear about the fragile shirt. I love the bright colors.


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