vendredi 1 janvier 2016

3 vêtements pour vous / 3 Fashions for you

Le concours est fini et il est temps de nommer l'heureux gagnant qui a participé.
The competition is over and it's time to name the winner who participated.

Le gagant est : Dollswillbedolls Stories and Crafts qui a participé le 15 Octobre 2015.
The winner is :Dollswillbedolls Stories and Crafts who participated on October 15, 2015.

Comme personne d'autre a participé, il est le gagnant d'office. Mais je tiens à remercier tous ceux qui ont pris leur temps de visualiser ma vidéo. Merci.
As no one else has participated for winning the fabulous three fashions that I have made for you, he is the winner automatically. But I want to thank everyone who took their time to view my video. Thank you.


Vous pouvez avoir trois vêtements fait à la main par moi.
You can have three handmade fashions done by myself.

Ce que vous devez faire :
What you have to do :

* Sur ce postblog, répondez à la question : Pourquoi devriez-vous être choisi pour avoir ses trois vêtements ?
On this blogpost, you have to answer to this question: Why you should be chosen to have these gifts ?

* N'oubliez pas d'indiquer l'adresse de votre blog, parce que nous voulons connaître davantage sur votre passion des poupées
 Add your blog address. We want to know more about your dolls passion.

*Avant le 31 décembre 2015
Before December 31 2015.

*Il y aura qu'un seul gagnant. Le gagnant recevra un message sur son blog lui expliquant comment procéder pour recevoir ses cadeaux gratuitement.
There will be one winner. The winner will be contacted by his blog to receive the free gifts.

*Nous espérons que le gagnant fera des photos et les mettra sur son blog. On pourra les partager sur le blog pour l'ensemble des participants. Donc n'oubliez pas de partager vos photos sur votre blog une fois que vous aurez reçu les cadeaux.
We hope that the winner will take pictures and put them on his blog. We can share them on the blog for all the participants. So be sure to share your photos on your blog once you have received the gifts.

Rock Party



J'imagine que certains vont se demander pourquoi donner mes créations ? J'aime partager ce que je fais et cela me fait encore plus plaisir de donner à des passionnés comme moi. Et je sais que certains d'entre vous voulais avoir mes créations. Alors le moment est arrivé.
I can hear from here the question : Why I give some of my creations? I like to share what I do and that makes me more happy to give them to people who love dolls like me. And I know some of you wanted to have some of my creations. Now it is the time.  

8 commentaires:

  1. How generous of you, my friend! I have redressed some dolls in the clothing you sent to me and will post soon. I really love them! Thanks!

    1. You can participate to have these three new fashions. It is always a pleasure for me to give.

  2. Tres, tres jolies creations, Shasarignis!!!

    1. Merci April. il ne manque plus que des participants pour les donner.

  3. Hello you always made lovely fashions for your dolls, and I admire them, I would love to win these adorable outfits, they would look great on any barbie doll I have and I am new to making doll fashions, I cant sew that great yet with my sewing machine, so these new handmade doll outfits would be great for my dolls, they would be happy to wear these :-)I made all the doll wedding dresses plus the Bride's wedding gown, I am a lov r of dolls like you, I have the most fun with my dolls making videos a, dolls sets, and clothes for them. here is my blogspot you keep up the great work

    1. Thank you so much to participate and to answer to the question. You are the first. Yeah !!!! ....

  4. All 3 outfits are beautiful. Danielle is looking over my shoulder saying how much perfect that white outfit would have been in her pregnant state. I explained to her that I wanted to give others a chance to win your creations. Stay tuned. You will probably see Danielle in the pink and white outfit you sent to me. Happy New Year, friend. I'm wishing you all the best in 2016.

    1. Thank you so much I can't wait to see Danielle in the pink and white outfit.
      See you soon.


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