mardi 15 décembre 2015


Que dire de  cette année 2015 ?
What can I say for 2015 ?

Ma collection a évolué avec une seule Barbie cette année. Je me surprends, car pourtant je suis d'abord une collectionneuse de Barbie.
My collection has evolved with one Barbie doll this year. I am surprising myself, because first of all I am primarily a Barbie collector. 

Donc cette année, c'est ma collection de Jem et des hologrammes qui s'est agrandi.
So this year, my Jem and holograms collection grew up a bit.

J'ai finalement acheté ma dernière Jem. Son visage ressemble beaucoup à celui de la Jem classique que je n'ai pas pu avoir.
I finally bought my last Jem doll. His face looks like the Jem classical doll that I could not have. 

Je m'étais promis d'en avoir maximum 3 Jem et pas plus. Je les trouves magnifiques toutes les trois. Je prévois faire leur portrait. Je verrai bien.
I promised myself to have maximum 3 Jem dolls and no more. I find them beautiful. I plan to do their portrait. I will see.

Je les appelle mes triplettes.
I call them the triplets.

Au moment ou je m'y attendais le moins Eric Raymond est enfin disponible.
At the moment I least expected it, the Eric Raymond doll is finally available.

Puis s'est ajouté à ma collection deux Fashion Royalty :
Then is added to my collection two Fashion Royalty dolls:

Diana et Véronique

Je crois que 2015  a été une année marqué par les vêtements. J'en ai acheté :
I think 2015 was a year marked by clothing. I bought some :

Pour Lammily :
For Lammily doll :

Pour Rio, Riot et ... le troisième je ne sais pas à qui le donner, je l'ai mis sur Jem en attendant :
For Rio doll, for Riot doll and the third ... I do not know to whom to give it, I put it on Jem doll by pending:

Puis, j'ai fait un peu de couture. J'avoue que c'est difficile de choisir parmi tout ce que j'ai cousu cette année. Mais je vais vous en montrer quelques uns.
Then I did some sewing. I admit that it is difficult to choose from all that I sewed this year. But I will show you a few.

mardi 1 décembre 2015

Vanessa Perrin Refinement

Je sais, depuis que je collectionne Barbie et après avoir découvert les Fashion Royalty, je m'étais promis de ne pas acheter deux fois le même personnage. Je m'explique : je n'ai qu'une seule Natalia, qu'une seule Adèle, qu'une seule Véronique... Contrairement à Barbie que j'ai en au moins quarante exemplaires,  cette logique ne peut pas s'appliquer à Barbie.

I know, since I collect the Barbie doll and after discovering the Fashion Royalty dolls, I promised myself to not to buy two dolls of the same name doll. Let me explain: I have only one Natalia, only one Adele, only one Véronique....  But for Barbie doll, I have at least forty dolls, this logic, only one doll, can not be applied for Barbie doll.

J'ai acheté une deuxième Vanessa. Mais, il y a un mais, je me console en me disant que ce n'est pas le même visage. La bouche est différente.

I bought a second Vanessa. But...,  there is a but, I console myself by saying that it is not the same face. The mouth is different.

Comme toujours elle est magnifique. J'aime beaucoup sa tenue qui est très classique. Peut-être qu'elle sera dans mes films.

As always, this doll is beautiful. I like the outfit which is very classic. Maybe this new Vanessa will be in my films.

Voici mes trois Fashion Royalty 2 (le chiffre 2, pour modèle avec le nouveau corps). C'est drôle j'ai toujours une constance dans mes choix : cheveux noirs de blanc vêtu et l'inverse.

Here are my three Fashion Royalty 2 dolls (the number 2, for the model with the new body). It's funny I always have a consistency in my choices: black hair dressed in white and vice versa.

dimanche 15 novembre 2015

Surprise / Surprise

J'aime donné.
I like to give.

Depuis quelques années, j'ai commencé une remise en question ou j'ai réalisé que j'ai trop de choses. Peut-être que c'est normal me direz-vous lorsqu'on est collectionneur.
In recent years, I realized that I have too many things. Maybe it's normal you will say when you are collector.

Mais à force de coudre et de coudre, j'ai de plus en plus de vêtements. Alors je me suis demandé que faire car j'en ai trop : les donner à des passionnés comme moi.
But by sewing and sewing, I have more and more clothes. So I wondered what to do because I get too much fashions : give them to enthusiasts like me. 

Donc je vais sur des blogs et à travers leur publication, cela me donne une idée des personnes à qui je peux offrir mes vêtements.
So I visit some blogs and through their post I can have an idea of the people that I can offer my clothes.

Voici quelques blogs à qui j'ai fait cette surprise :
Here are some blogs that I have made this surprise :

Van's Doll Treasures :

All4Barbie :

Phillys :

À vous qui avez accepté mes créations, je voulais vous dire merci ! Merci d'être des passionnés et de continuer d'aimer Barbie et les autres.
To those who have accepted some of my creations, I wanted to say thank you! Thank you for being passionate and continue to love Barbie and other dolls !

Alors qui sait si un jour je vous contacte, peut-être que c'est pour vous faire une surprise.
So who knows if one day I contact you, maybe it's to make you a surprise.

dimanche 1 novembre 2015


Je me demande si c'est vraiment une coïncidence ou si c'est voulu ?
I wonder if it's really a coincidence or is it intentional?

La célèbre Barbie Super Danse 2, rendu encore plus célèbre grâce à Histoire de Jouet 3 aurait inspiré le modèle de vêtement de la dernière Jem Twilight in Paris ???
The famous Great Shape Aerobic Barbie, made even more famous by Toy Story 3 would have inspired the model of clothing for the last Jem Twilight in Paris ???

À vous de juger :
Judge by yourself : 

jeudi 15 octobre 2015

TAGGED! Liebster Award

Liebster Award

I have been graciously nominated for the Liebster Award thanks to Fashion Doll Stylist. 
The responsibilities associated with this award are as follows:
  1. Thank the person who nominated you and link to their blog. (Check!)
  2. Give your readers eleven random facts about yourself.
  3. Answer the eleven questions from the person who nominated you.
  4. Nominate eleven bloggers to receive this award.
  5. Invent eleven questions for your nominees.
Eleven Random facts about myself:

1. I am french, so sorry for my english.
2. My favorite color is pink since I was a child. Maybe it's because of Barbie !
3. I like the toys from the 80's.
4. I discover myself in sewing. And what I like in sewing is the transformation of a fabric in a beautiful dress. I don't have a sewing machine, and I don't have a formation in sewing. 

5. I discover myself in making movie by using the stop motion animated. But I would wish to add voices in my movies. If some of you want to help me, just let me know. I do appreciate.

6. With the time I have discovered that I like to give some of my creations to people who like dolls. It is a real pleasure for me to give. And by the end of the year 2015, you can win this three fabulous fashions : 

7. This year, some articles have been written on my collections in two magazines.

8. I like to travel. I have visited Germany, Barbados, New York, Miami, Canada, France.
9. I like singing whatever comes into my head.
10. I like chocolate pastries
11. I like Columbo 


1. How old were you when you received your first doll? What happened to her?
I was 5 years old when I received my first Barbie doll. It was the happiness in my life. It was my first doll who was smiling. The end of her story, it is so sad to say, I was obliged to put her in the recycling bin, against my will, after thirty three years.  

2. If you were to hit the one million dollar/euro lottery, how would this impact your current doll collection?
For sure, I will have a big room to expose all my collection. I can imagine how my room will be decorated with pink color and my Barbie painting. 

I will have a part for my Jem dolls collections and my Fashion Royalty dolls.

3. Champagne, beer, soda or water?
I prefer water. It is good for health. 

4. City or country person?
Both. I like the city for its accessibility. I like the country for the nature.

5. Favorite genre of music?
There are so much that I like. It is difficult to choose one. Pop, classic, rock, reggae, zouk, ... so much !

6. What is it about a doll that catches your eye and prompts you to place it on your wish list?
Not really, because with the time I am very selective. A doll has to fit my several rules. For exemple for My Fashion Royalty collection, I want to have one doll and only one doll by name :  one Natalia Fatale, one Adele Makeda, one Veronique Perrin  ...  the problem is I don't have to make a mistake when I decide to buy one doll. For Barbie doll, I decide to buy a new Barbie doll when I know this Barbie doll is a must have doll in my collection. Sometime (it is rare) I don't respect my rules :  I just buy a second Vanessa Perrin doll. But I console myself because she has a different mold face.

7. Cat person or dog person?
I am a dog person. The name of my first dog was Rambo and his brother was Rocky. 
Can you imagine the ambience at home. Now my two dogs are died since 20 years. But at a moment in my life, I missed dogs. And where I live, I could not have a dog. So I decided to have a guinea pig. Her name was Bibi. And at her time, she died July 3, 2015.  

8. Name five of your favorite posts from your blog?

This part is difficult to answer, because there are a lot of posts that I like so much.

1. Lieutenant Columbo

2. 1988 Barbie Catalogue

3. My vintage

4. I am a Barbie fan

5. Barbie light up vanity

9. How has your blog evolved since you first began?
I consider that my blog has evolved from a sharing of my passion to a source of some informations about Barbie in the 80's. But My principal goal is to share  what I done with the pictures, the handmade fashions, the movies ... 

10. What (if anything) have you learned from your experiences in the doll community?
I have learned, it is a big community where you can share your passion, some important informations before all the public. And that community has no limit in the world. That is great.

11.How will you know when you have "enough" dolls?
I don't have enough doll. I hope that I will have enough dolls one day. But for the moment, I say to myself enough when the purse does not follow all I want to buy,  when I have no more place in my house and when I don't have time to take care of my dolls. 

My Eleven Nominees (not as yet tagged, if I am not wrong)

My 11 Questions for Them:
1. What is your favorite doll and why ?
2. One of your best childhood memories
3. Do you travel with your dolls (plane or go to job) ?
4. When do you start to collect dolls ?
5. Do you collect anything else that dolls ?
6. Do you have a favorite place that you like to go, and why this place and not another place ?
7. If you have a machine to go back the time, in which time do you want to go ?
8. If you could choose your job, what kind of job you would choose ?
9. If you could make a movie, what kind of movie you would make ?
10. Have you been on a cruise, if not, where would you like to be on a cruise ?
11. Do you think it is important to respect the nature and why ?

jeudi 1 octobre 2015


Bibi est le nom que j'ai donné à mon cochon d'inde.
Bibi is the name that I had given to my guinea pig.

Dans certains de mes commentaires, je la mentionne très brièvement.
In some of my comments, I briefly mentioned about my guinea pig. 

Mais aujourd'hui, je pense qu'il est temps pour moi de parler un peu d'elle ouvertement.
But today, I think it's time for me to speak a bit of it openly. She was with me when I had started to sew some fashions for my collection. She was with me when I had started to make movie with my collection. 

Elle nous a quitté vendredi 03 juillet 2015 à 4:59.
She died Friday, July 3rd, 2015 at 4:59.

Cela m'a complètement dévasté à un tel point que j'en avais perdu ma créativité pour la couture.
I was completely devastated to the point that I had lost my creativity for sewing.

J'ai essayé de faire son portrait que je veux partager avec vous.
I tried to paint his portrait I wanted to share with you.

Au revoir ma petite boule. Merci d'avoir partager 7 ans avec nous.
Goodbye my little Bibi. Thank you for sharing 7 years with us.

mardi 15 septembre 2015

Petite trouvaille (4) Small discovery

Bonjour tout le monde !
Hi everyone !

Regardez ce que j'ai trouvé chez IKEA à un prix très raisonnable 13$ (j'en suis sure que si c'était pour Mattel, cela vaudrait au moins 30$ pour cette qualité) :
Look what I found at IKEA for a very reasonable price $13 (I'm sure if it was for Mattel, the price would be $30 for this quality):

Puis je me suis demandé (comme vous devez vous en douter), à qui cet ensemble va le mieux ?
Then I asked myself (as you'd expect), to which doll this set is best?

Au modèle de Barbie et ses amis,
For Barbie doll and her friends,

Au modèle de Jem ou les Fashion Royalty qui sont un peu plus grandes,
For Jem doll or the Fashion Royalty dolls who are bigger. 

Au modèle de Lammily qui est un peu plus petit.
For Lammily doll who is smaller.

Qu'en pensez-vous ?
What do you think ?

Trouvaille 3

mardi 1 septembre 2015

Twilight In Paris Jem/Jerrica Benton

Voici ma nouvelle Jem : Twilight In Paris.
This is my new Jem doll: Twilight In Paris.

J'ai décidé d'acheter cette Jem, car elle ressemble beaucoup à la Jem classique que je n'ai pas pu avoir.
I decided to buy this new Jem doll, because she looks like the Jem classical doll that  I could not have it.

Je lui ai cousu des vêtements inspiré du dessin animé.
I sewed her some clothes inspired by the cartoon.

Détail ici
Détail ici
Je lui ai créé des vêtements pour enrichir sa garde-robe :
I created some clothes to enhance her wardrobe:

Et c'est ma dernière Jem. C'est la seule à qui j'ai donné un nom :Jem Kib' en souvenir de ma petite boule qui nous a quitté le 03 juillet 2015.
And this is my last Jem doll. So it's the only one I have given a name: Jem Kib 'in memory of my little pet that left us in July 3, 2015.

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