vendredi 16 septembre 2022

Episode 49

 Avant : Episode 48

Il semble que quelque chose surprend notre nouvelle designer.

It seems something is surprising our new designer.

Riot nous présente sa nouvelle vidéo de son groupe des Stingers.

Riot presents us with its new video of its Stingers group.

Voici la vidéo :

This is the new video:

La suite : Episode 50

4 commentaires:

dlubaninylalkowe a dit…


Ms. Leo a dit…

WOW! I know how hard stop motion videos are to do and that one was pretty long. You did an excellent Job!

Shasarignis a dit…

Thanks Leo for the encouragement, it's true that this episode is the longest I've done. Then if we put all the episodes together by removing the credits, that makes a film of two hours of time.

Shasarignis a dit…

dłubaniny lalkowe, thank you for your comment.

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